1. Sister Teresa Forcades—a Harvard-educated Catalan nun who resides at the convent Sant Benet—along with economist and “indignant” leader, Arcadi Oliveres, has launched a political manifesto that’s amassed nearly 17,000 signatures in just two days.

    The document calls for the nationalization of banks and energy firms, housing rights and tough measures against corruption. Forcades and Oliveres also pledge non-violence asking for “international solidarity, not war.”

    "The current economic model, institutional and political order has failed," they write (roughly translated). “It is urgent that we create between them a new political and social model and to do so without repeating past formulas, knowing that the process is not easy nor short.”

    Speaking with AFP, Forcades denounced the austerity measures imposed by Spain’s conservative government at the behest of the greater European Union, which have crippled the Spanish economy and caused widespread grief particularly among the middle and lower classes.

    "The cuts go against the needs of the majority and go in favour of the interests of a minority," she said.

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