1. loicxvx said: Only one medical facility was burned, it happened in my town actually. And 2 of the 7 people that were killed weren't really activists (as far as I know) but that doesn't make it less horrible, I know that. Some Maduro supporters cause some damage too, but apparently nobody saw any of that. I'm not pro-Capriles, and I'm not pro-Chavez, I hang out with people from both sides, I think the media (from both sides) cause more damage than the people... and again, that's just me.

    I haven’t heard about any damage done by Maduro supporters, I have only seen footage of them retaking various buildings from the rioters. But I am not on the ground, so you would know. I am probably quite biassed, because I am pro-Chavez, as you can probably see. But I am trying to be as objective as I can while still admitting my support for the revolution.

    The media definitely played a role in mobilising people to participate in the violence, I totally agree with you there.