1. anarcho-queer:

    Fuck the HRC! Fuck their mainstream/assimilated politics. Fuck their whitewashing of queer culture and conforming to the capitalist heteropatriarchal ‘norm’. Fuck their demotion of trans* rights in the queer struggle. Fuck them for dismissing queer POC issues while focusing all their attention to the gay white middle/upper class in return for donations. Fuck them for policing gender roles and identity and attempting to erase transvestism and drag from gay culture to make the community look more attractive to the heterosexual majority. Fuck the HRC for pretending to care for LGBTQ people when in reality, the L and G are the only acronyms they care to ‘help’. Fuck the HRC for refusing to recognize and help LGBTQ sex workers. Fuck the HRC for ignoring pressing LGBTQ issues like (youth) homelessness, high unemployment for transgender folks and unaffordable housing for elderly queers. Fuck the HRC for everything they’ve done to hurt queer liberation in return for the right to serve in the military and live a heteronormative lifestyle. Fuck the HRC!

    (via riotboi)

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    If you cant support them all, dont even try. Youre just going to be bashed, and youre still a bigot. Everyon deserves...
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