1. Reverse Racism


    People on tumblr seem to believe reverse racism is racism against a white person. I don’t understand this. If you prejudice against an entire group of people based on their race, it’s just racism, not reverse racism, even if that group of people you are being racist against is the majority in the area you find yourself in.

    To me, reverse racism is when you act unusually nice to someone because of their race, because you don’t want to look like a racist.

    e.g. You are a dick to every white person you know (if you are white) but go out of your way to be polite to minorities (hold the door open for them, compliment them, treat them nicer than you do anyone else).

    This is what my definition of reverse racism always was. In a sense, it’s still being racist as you are treating someone differently based on their race but you are doing the opposite of what racism implies by being too nice to them.

    Reverse racism is held as a POC being prejudiced against a white person due to their race. While the word choice may not be brilliant, that is now its given definition.

    Reverse racism, of course, doesn’t exist. Because racism is more than just racial prejudice, it is a power structure in which there is a hierarchy based on race, in which some racial groups are generally more powerful than others. It is a social trend, not a scientific rule, so of course there is some deviation, but a racist society is one that is not equal due to racial factors. Anything that contributes to this structure being maintained is what we would call racist. 

    I hope that I have got this right and I haven’t completely mucked this up. I have been brainwashed since the day I was born and I am trying to make amends in a meaningful way. If I have majorly screwed this up, please, let me know.

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    >To say that only white people cannot be the victims of racism because white people are currently in power is like...
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    I understand what you mean, I just wish people would use my definition of “reverse racism” because to me it makes more...
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  12. titotansey said: I’m very much of the opinion that holding racial prejudices against the majority isn’t exactly ‘racism’ as such, because the power relationship within society is so starkly different.
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    Reverse racism is held as a POC being prejudiced against a white person due to their race. While the word choice may not...