1. This person

    I am Angus. I am a 18 year old from Brisbane, Australia.

    I am studying a Bachelor of Arts at University of Queensland majoring in Political Science and History. I am also an organiser on campus.

    My interests, well reading, I do a lot of it, fiction and non-fiction. Also rock music, I love me a bit of rock and roll. I write, a little bit, mostly political essays and hypothetical speeches/articles/important documents. Also, political activism, is a hobby/my life.

    As you will know this is a personal blog, but I am very political, so for me politics is personal and that is the reason most of you follow me, so lets get to that shall we:

    I am an eco-socialist. I am a Marxist with an interest in critical theory, who reads a lot of Lenin. I used to be a Trotskyist but now I am a bit more complicated than that, taking stuff from everything from anarchism to Maoism and everything in between. I am a social ecologist and a revolutionary class-war feminist.

    I am a member of the Socialist Alliance, particularly the youth wing Resistance. You can find the Socialist Alliance and all their policies here and Resistance has their own website here.

    If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine. - Ernesto “Che” Guevara