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    pigs at the trough


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    This is why 4chan raided Tumblr, nobody likes Tumblr feminists, NO ONE.

    i can’t believe people eat this shit up like it’s real

    people can just type up the wildest fake “SJW” text they can think of and it just travels infinitely around communities desperate enough to get their anti-SJW rocks off that they’ll jump at the chance to attack this fake ass manufactured SJW strawman garbage

    you’re thinking “damn i’m the strongest tiger in the zoo, let this be a lesson that i will catch and kill every rabbit that dares to encroach upon my domain” meanwhile everyone else is laughing watching you rip apart a stuffed animal because you can’t tell the difference

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    The Haitian Revolution - A short Reading List (of Anglophone scholars)

    "More than two hundred years after Haitian independence was declared on January 1, 1804, it remains a challenge to perceive the spirit that fueled the first abolition of slavery in the New World and gave rise to the second independent nation in the Americas. As recently as ten years ago, the Haitian Revolution (1789-1804), which created “Haiti” out of the ashes of French Saint Domingue, was the least understood of the three great democratic revolutions that transformed the Atlantic world in the last quarter of the eighteenth century. That is no longer true. In the decade since the 2004 bicentennial, a genuine explosion of scholarship on the Saint-Domingue revolution has profoundly enriched our memory of what Hannah Arendt, in her comparative study of the American and French revolutions, called “the revolutionary tradition and its lost treasure”. It is not clear to what extent this development has affected broader public understandings of the Haitian predicament, however."

    By Professor Malick W. Ghachem for the John Carter Brown Library online exposition: “The Other Revolution: Haiti 1789-1804.”

    * Much more scholarship could have been included in this list. To find more monographs and articles on the Haitian Revolution or, for a general reading list on Haiti, see here and here.

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    The fact that Israel:

    • has a Ministry of Propaganda (with a minister and everything) which includes 100,000 social media accounts and many bloggers [+]
    • pays students to circulate pro-Israel propaganda online [+]

    should tell you all you need to know about pro-Israeli pro-Zionist information that you read on this website.

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    #antifa #Palestine

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  7. The Socialist Alliance conveys its condolences to the families of all its victims of the suspected shooting down to Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over war-torn eastern Ukraine but it rejects the inflammatory Cold-War-style political posturing by both Liberal PM Tony Abbott and Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten.

    Both these politicians have shamelessly sought to exploit this terrible tragedy to step up their pro-war and imperialist propaganda and they have been urged on by the capitalist media.

    If the downing of MH17 was a deliberate shooting down of a civilian airliner, then who ever was responsible would be guilty of an atrocious crime against humanity and should be punished accordingly.

    However, an independent and objective international investigation into the incident needs to be allowed to take place without provoking more war or leaping to conclusions about who may be responsible.

    Instead the Australian government has flagged sending soldiers as part of an “international deployment” to eastern Ukraine under the guise of securing the cash site. This comes amid reports that the US was planning to send military advisers to assist the Ukranian regime in its war against rebels in the east.

    The hypocrisy of Australian government’s posturing is clear when we contrast this with its silence on the Ukraine regime’s bombing of civilians or the outrageous stance it adopted towards the latest Israeli military assault on Gaza.

    On the same day that PM Abbott used the MH17 to attack Russia and justify Western interference in Ukraine, he also supported Israel’s bloody carnage in Gaza as legitimate “self-defence”.


  8. The United Nations Human Rights Council voted on July 23 to launch an international inquiry into allegations of human rights violations and war crimes committed by Israel during its latest bloody assault on the besieged Gaza Strip that began on July 7.

    By the time the council passed its resolution, almost 700 Palestinians had been killed in the ongoing assault on Gaza. Despite 32 Israeli soldiers having been killed in the fighting after Israel began a ground invasion on July 18, Israel has indicated it has no intention of ceasing its offensive.

    ABC.net.au said on July 24: “The 47-member forum adopted a resolution presented by Palestinians by a vote of 29 states in favour, to 1 against — the United States — with 17 abstentions including all nine European Union members.”

    The resolution condemned the Israeli campaign, which has involved “disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks”, including aerial bombing of civilian areas and collective punishment.


  9. If military victory and strength are measured in the number of civilians, especially children, that an army candeliberately target and slaughter with sophisticated machines, then there is no doubt that Israel is winning in Gaza — and has always been the winner in Palestine.

    But even though it is still mercilessly killing civilians in Gaza as I write these words on July 22, Israel has, in political and strategic terms, already lost the “war” it launched on Gaza on the false pretext of stopping rockets.

    As I’ve argued repeatedly, and as the facts show, the easy and time-tested way for Israel not to receive rockets from Gaza is not to attack Palestinians in Gaza.

    Israel’s defeat in Gaza will be as significant as its defeat in Lebanon in 2006 (where it also “won” in terms of murdering civilians: 1200 in total, a third of them children).

    Lebanon off limits

    For decades, when Israeli leaders needed to court popularity or create a distraction, they attacked or invaded Lebanon, slaughtering Palestinian and Lebanese civilians with total impunity.

    Due to fierce resistance that Israel did not expect, the Israeli army lost 121 soldiers during its 34-day invasion of Lebanon in the summer of 2006.
    Since that painful lesson, even an Israeli prime minister as foolish as Benjamin Netanyahu would not be eager to repeat the experience of his predecessor Ehud Olmert.

    With Lebanon off limits, Gaza became Israel’s convenient outlegazat for its bloodlust, with repeated massacres in 2006 (during the Lebanon war!), in December 2008-January 2009, in November 2012 and now.

    All these massacres have been committed against a population held in an open-air prison, virtually cut off from the outside world.

    Israel found it could bomb Gaza from the air and, yes, even though the resistance could fire rockets back, these amounted to pinpricks.

    Only when large barrages are being fired in the context of Israel’s present huge assault do rockets from Gaza cause more damage, but very little of this is physical: it is economic and psychological.

    With the present massacre, too, Israel insisted on needless bloodshed when it could have had “security” by sticking to the November 2012 ceasefire agreement it signed, which includes the requirement to lift the siege.


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    Tumblr alone is not revolutionary. What you do with the information is. We need more people to take the information shown on here seriously. You can’t understand the reality of the situation by passingly reading a few posts about it. You have to take a topic and seriously engage in study of it. We talk about many issues on here, but how effectively can we debate them in person?

    Have you attempted yet to educate the people in your communities? The people need the truth more than ever, and it would be selfish for us to know so much and to understand so well while at the same time not sharing this information with anyone in our communities and keeping it to ourselves.

    We need unity and struggle, but too many people haven’t even reached unity yet. You’re not united with the people if you’re not involved in organization or mobilization of the masses. We can’t call ourselves revolutionaries when we haven’t moved yet towards engaging with our communities. It’s good to learn on here and to radicalize your mind, but to reach a higher stage of consciousness theory must become action.

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  13. Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on the IWW? Is it a viable option for today's revolutionaries?

    I like the idea of the IWW, and I am certainly not against industrial unionism, radical unionism or the concept of One Big Union.

    At the same time, the IWW is nothing more than an anarchist club in Australia, its not a serious organisation to be reckoned with.

    In the US, where they are more sizeable, I certainly support their efforts and would even join up, especially if they were in my town/workplace. But at the same time, I don’t think we should fetishise forms of organisation, and the IWW probably isn’t the body through which a revolution in the USA will be carried out. I just don’t see it returning to the size of its glory-days, let alone ever actually unionising all workers into the one big union.


  14. analligator said: Hello, thank you for reblogging my "what to do about gaza" post. xx

    Thats fine, I am always happy to support anti-colonial struggles anywhere, especially right now in Palestine.

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    Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine guerrilla.

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