1. Anonymous said: What are your thoughts on Jacqui Lambie?


    I think she’s dangerous. She isn’t just a joke now. The comments she has made on Islam, on Sharia law and on banning the burqa are quite frightening. Also, her claims that she is related to the Tasmanian resistance fighter, Mannalargenna, are just outrageous. Research from the Library of Tasmania’s research and information service provided to the ABC in response to a family tree released by Senator Jacqui Lambie strongly suggest that she has no Indigenous heritage. She represents a very large group of Australians that could do real damage and we can’t allow her to continue on the way she is right now. 


  2. golfdad1992:

    Isn’t amazing how people don’t give a shit about misogyny until they can accuse muslims of it in order to justify their islamaphobia?

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  3. partizan-voice:

    Solidarity with Greek Antifascists! 

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  5. Anonymous said: Hello there. I was wondering what sort of work one can do if they join socialist alliance and resistance?

    Well, all sorts of stuff. Like, we are involved in a bunch of different campaigns and collectives, we help organise protests and attend demonstrations, direct actions, stunts, etc, we go out and campaign around different issues, we have discussions on political ideas, we host public forums, we write for and sell the Green Left Weekly, we organise on campuses and in unions, like, there is tonnes of stuff that we do.


  6. This is a text which, we hope, faces in two directions. On the one hand we hope that it will be read by people interested in animal liberation who want to consider why animal exploitation exists, as well as how. On the other hand, by those who define themselves as anarchists or communists who either dismiss animal liberation altogether or personally sympathise with it but don’t see how it relates to their broader political stance.

    While there have always been groups and individuals with feet in both camps, for the most part discussion between those involved in animal liberation and communists has been at a derisory level. ‘Debate,’ in so far as it exists, consists mainly of abuse and rarely moves beyond the level of comments like ‘wasn’t Hitler a vegetarian’ (actually not - he injected ‘bulls blood’ into his testicles, and does this mean you can’t be a communist and a house painter or an Austrian?).

    We hope to prompt the beginnings of a real debate about the relationship between the ‘animal question’ and the ‘social question’. This text does not claim to have all the answers or to be the ‘communist manifesto’ for animals, but we think that it does pose some of the key questions. Over to you…


  7. An overview of the way in which with increasing autonomisation of finance capital, models come to shape the real economy and influence its restructuring.

    Arbitrage is defined as any technique to profit from differences in price between identical assets in different markets. At its simplest, if an asset is priced at £1000 in one country and at £1200 in another, I can buy in the cheaper market and sell in the more expensive and profit from the difference. In real life the transactions required are usually more complex and often involve the use of hedging and swaps to cover the difference in risk between similar or related but not identical assets.

    It is a fundamental tenant of modern economics and financial modelling that we can assume that that markets are free from arbitrage opportunities. In real world, of course, this is not the case, arbitrages do exist, and in practice traders will look for arbitrage and attempt to profit from it. Much of the automatic algorithmic trading that happens today is designed to take advantage of just this effect. This can itself be seen as a self-correcting mechanism, to some degree - as arbitrages are discovered and exploited they should naturally cease to exist. In the simple example above as more people buy the £1000 asset and sell the £1200 one the excess demand should raise the price of the first asset and the excess supply reduce the price of the second until they match and the trade ceases.

    The existence or non-existence of arbitrage may seem of minor consequence, however, I want to argue that in fact unravelling this concept reveals much about the workings of the economy today and the political economy of neo-liberalism.

    In order for arbitrage to be sufficiently small that it can be ignored from a broad economic perspective, a number of features are required to hold in a given market. I am going to examine three conditions and the political consequences that arise from them:

    • markets need to be efficient
    • there need to be no transaction costs
    • transactions need to be instantaneous


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  11. aljazeeraamerica:

    A man detained by police during a raid kneels on the ground in Sydney, in this still image taken from police handout video September 18, 2014. Intelligence showed that militants connected with Islamic State were planning to behead a member of the public in Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Thursday after hundreds of police raided homes in a sweeping counter-terrorism operation. More than 800 police were involved in the pre-dawn security operation in Sydney and Brisbane, described as the largest in Australian history. At least 15 people had been detained, police told a news conference.  cr: Australian Federal Police / Reuters





  14. mayasownmenagerie:


    honestly it’s not enough if scotland secedes, wales has to follow them and ireland has to be reunified and then england needs to go up in flames with their queen and her family thrown into the street and their palaces converted into public housing

    And the jewels will be pried off of that crown and given back to their rightful countries.

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  15. mrabysinian:


    this is fucking terrifying

    this is not the scotland we want

    And this is the fucking “No” voters. Yet us “Yes” voters were the ones made out to be the violent horrible ones for the entire campaign because of the rampant media bias.

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